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who are you?

two of them. girls.

why arent you on spotify?

EDIT: we're back on cuz our stuff was being reuploaded anyway
& it was creating confusion, a lot of ppl missed us,
and we do make *some* money from it. was a hard but ultimately
beneficial decision. dunno if it'll change again! we still believe in
all the reasosns we removed our stuff, and wish it was easier
for artists to not rely on corpo shit.

direct support & community is the best way for artists to survive.

spotify is a manipulative corporation & major part
of the enshittification of the internet.
metricization & the contentification of art
discourages forming more personal relationships
with art/artists.

our music is and always will be free anyway.
also this

also also check out benn jordan's spotify vids he's really informative

how can i best support you directly?

bandcamp / paypal / venmo

if you wanna hang out & talk about stuff we have a discord server