FREEquently asked questions :3c

who are you?

two of them. girls.

why arent you on spotify?

direct support & community building is the best way for artists to survive.
in general, streaming services monopolize art as "content" & discourage forming
more personal relationships with art/artists. our music is and always will be free anyway.
("free" ninety nine omg !!!)

also this

what happened to ur twitter?

permabanned, not sure why. we were already making moves away from it
but our time got cut even shorter by the clownbaby in charge
(derogatory, even tho otherwise clownbaby actually sounds cute
aw ehehe babey clown bebebebe)

how can i best support you directly?


if you wanna hang out & talk about stuff we have a discord server

** we also have an email list now! **